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Educate our community to improve their physical and spiritual health & to conduct health awareness programs & seminars.

Free physical health programs for the community

Raising awareness for children with special needs

Educate the community on diabetes and other health issues facing our community

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Mission Statement

“Shri Krishna Nidhi Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to promote total wellness of the person and community through education. If you are not familiar with our organization and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know your thoughts and if there are any questions, we will be more than happy to help.Our foundation was established in 2009 officially even though we have been working on the mission for several years past.” The Light of Education leads to total well-being.

Shri Krishna Nidhi (SKN) Foundation is a 501 C-3 non-profit organization with a mission to promote total wellness of the person and community through education. Disparities in access to care, service utilization, quality, and health outcomes are increasingly being documented. There is suggestive evidence of chronic disease burden like heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cancer and a poor understanding of disease prevention in various community groups. Lifestyle modification on all fronts plus more aggressive compliance with medical treatment may be the key in treatment and prevention of many chronic illnesses and a healthier life. However, this can only be accomplished by not only treating the illness but limiting the development of RISK FACTORS in the first place through EDUCATION.

Our Inspirations



Shri Krishna 

Shri Krishna Mehrotra was extremely well educated with a Bachelor of Arts, a Masters of Education, a Masters of Arts in History and a Masters of Arts in Geography.
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Gopal Krishna 

Gopal Krishna Mehrotra was diagnosed with diabetes in his early forties while working as a United Nations census advisor in Liberia. Cardiovascular complications from his diabetes led to his untimely death.
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Nidhi Mehrotra was a warm and compassionate mother, whose life’s purpose was her family and the education of her children. At 36 yrs, her family life was shattered with the diagnosis of a brain tumor. Within 6 months, the cancer had taken her life.
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Board of Trustees

Advisory Committee

  • alka

    Alka Agrawal

    As COO of EBC Radio, Alka Agrawal been an integral part of establishing and growing…...Read More

  • sonalika

    Sonalika Ahuja

    Sonalika Ahuja, President of BEYOND MEDIA, Inc., is an experienced and well respected entrepreneur, marketer and event…...Read More

  • kamalarora

    Kamal Arora

    Kamal grew up in Delhi in a huge joint family where food was always the…...Read More

  • sonal

    Sonal Bagaria

    Sonal Bagaria is a home maker with two wonderful children- a son and a daughter, Sonal…...Read More

  • Miss-suman-bangera

    Suman Bagaria

    Suman is a mother of 2 sons and a vibrant real estate agent who currently…...Read More

  • jeanieberi

    Jeanie Beri

    Jeanie Beri, Director of the Rhythmic Arts Dance & Music Center, has taught over 1200…...Read More

  • srinivas

    Srinivas Ganagoni

    Mr. Srinivas Ganagoni is a visionary and service oriented person with a mission to support…...Read More

  • geetha

    Dr. Geetha Ghai

    Geetha Ghai is a consultant, actively participating in the community by volunteering her time with various…...Read More

  • rajendra

    Dr. Rajendra Ghai

    Rajendra D. Ghai, Ph.D. has been a Research Scientist in the Professional Services Unit of…...Read More

  • payalmehta

    Payal Mehta

    Payal Mehta came to this Country when she was 10 years old. Born in the…...Read More

  • urvashimishra

    Urvashi Mishra

    Urvashi Mishra is a wedding planner and the President/Partner of East Coast at Electric Karma…...Read More

  • Urvashi Mody

    Urvashi Mody

    Born and brought up in Mumbai India, Urvashi Mody has been in the US since…...Read More

  • satish

    Dr. Satish Mullick

    Mullick is a prosthodontist who retired as a tenured professor and a practicing prosthodontist with…...Read More

  • meena

    Dr. Meena Murthy

    Dr. Meena Murthy is Chief of the Division of Endocrinology, Nutrition and Metabolism at Saint Peter’s…...Read More

  • sunil-parikh

    Dr. Sunil Parikh

    Dr. Parikh earned his medical degree from M.S. University, India and his certified public management…...Read More

  • jignarao

    Jigna Rao

    Jigna Rao was born in Mumbai, India where she was a long time advocate of health…...Read More

  • neha-saraiya

    Dr. Neha Saraiya

    Dr. Neha Saraiya is a board certified pediatrician. She is active in the NJ chapter…...Read More

  • riteshshah

    Ritesh Shah

    Ritesh Shah is a pharmacist and the owner of multiple pharmacies in New Jersey....Read More

  • sanjayshah

    Sanjay Shah

    Sanjay Shah is the owner of Iselin Pharmacy and a prominent businessman in the Indian…...Read More

  • Karan

    Karan Virmani

    Karan Virmani is the Chief Financial Officer for Profreight Brokers Inc, in Edison NJ as…...Read More

Professional Advisory Committee

  • sunita

    Dr. Sunita Dodani

    Sunita Dodani MD (M.B.B.S), MSc, FCPS, PhD, is a trained physician with specialization in cardiology.…...Read More

  • arun

    Dr. Arun Karpur

    Dr. Arun Karpur, MBBS, MPH, currently serves as Research Director/CO-PI for a multi-million dollar initiative…...Read More

SCOPE Advisors

Sanatan Vidyalay Liasons


  • sabuha

    Sabuha Qureshi-Din

    Sabuha Qureshi-Din, a licensed and registered New York State pharmacist, received her B Pharm degree from…...Read More