Autism- Anger with the Diagnosis

Autism- Receiving the Diagnosis for the first time

Challenges of Being A Parent of a child with Special Needs

Parent Advocacy-Uma & Bhagirath

Tips for New Parents with Special Needs Child_Radha

Finding Right Therapist Radha

Parent Advocacy Vasu

Documenting Our Presence- Multicultural Experience of Mental Illness

Use of Alternative Medicine in Downs Syndrome

Facing Challenges with Down Syndrome

Future of my Special Needs Child

Dealing with In Laws and Special Needs Child

Transition to adulthood and Independence for my child with Downs Syndrome

Learning that my Child has Downs Syndrome

NIMHANS for my son with Downs Syndrome

Telling Others about Your child with Downs Syndrome


Interactions with Aditya- My Autistic Brother

My Autistic Brother

What I Learned From the Autism Sibling Support Group

Going Out – with an Autistic Child

Living With Aditya- my Autistic Child

Role of Karma- in Autism