The role of cultural awareness training: Attitudes and behaviors are more than likely to be conditioned by culture-values, assumptions and perceptions that are instilled early on in life and are expressed in the way we behave and interact. These cultural influences are so deep that we act upon them instinctively-in everything we do, from the way we stand and talk, to the way we deal with superiors, conflict and decision-making. These can have a substantial impact on the health care management of Asian Indian patients especially if the healthcare provider is unaware of them. These differences can be deep and intuitive and may lead to substantial misunderstanding and miscommunication impacting compliance and health care outcomes. Through these provider training modules, we aim to empower the providers with basic skill sets to reduce healthcare disparities.


Asian Indian Cultural Awareness Training (AICAT)

A series of workshops for health care providers to enhance skills and improve compliance and outcomes in Asian Indian patients.

General health concepts

Medical care for seniors

Perinatal care

Diabetes care

Cancer care

LGBT care

Special needs in childhood