“Move It to Lose It” (MITLI) is a unique and innovative childhood obesity prevention program in collaboration which highlights the various ways high energy dance like Bhangra  and Hip-Hop can be a healthy additional alternative to the traditional dieting. MITLI is a 6 week physical activity and healthy living nutrition instruction intervention for elementary school aged children. Up to twenty-five children are recruited from the school system per session to participate in a weekly class instruction in this after school program. The weekly class of sixty minutes duration incorporates high intensity dance, nutrition and healthy eating education and the importance of these factors in the prevention of obesity. The instructional sessions are held in the after school setting so that they do not compromise their regular curriculum and help occupy their off time in a constructive manner. The effectiveness of this program is evaluated by the enrollment, attendance, and retention of the children in the MITLI classes. A pre and post-test questionnaire is administered to evaluate the increase in knowledge of these children about obesity and the role of physical activity and nutrition in fighting this national epidemic.

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