Sanatan Vidyalay (SV) is a weekend ethnic school with programs in Hillsborough, Kendall Park, and Piscataway.  SV teaches children about the Sanatan Dharma and their heritage as it relates to their health, culture and ethnic identity through lectures and interactive hands-on activities. Children learn about the benefits of yoga for daily living and management of stress and total well-being.  SV teaches shlokas (verses) and bhajans (prayers) from the Hindu scriptures and fosters an understanding of various Hindu masterpieces like the Bhagwad Gita and the Ramayan.  It creates awareness about the common Hindu customs and practices; teaches the significance and celebration of the various festivals and provides proper instruction on Yoga and meditation techniques.  SV initiated by a few dedicated families to impart the knowledge to our children has blossomed very rapidly in the last few years into a large community.

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