Diabetes is the most common chronic disease in the South Asian adult population and a leading cause of morbidity associated with the heart, kidneys, and other organs. In some South Asian communities, the prevalence of diabetes is close to epidemic proportions of twenty percent. Prevalence of diabetes precursors can be as high as forty percent. Through SADEP, SKN Foundation will provide community based education and resources for families to overcome the challenges associated with diabetes in collaboration with the American Diabetes Association, NNJ.

Who Will Benefit?

All people of South Asian Origin.

Why Participate?

Diabetes and its complications can be prevented by early identification and modification of risk factors.

South Asian people experience significant disparity in health outcomes due to limited and late diagnosis as well as poor access to culturally appropriate quality Diabetes care.

Culturally relevant expert Diabetes education, support, care and resources are available.

SKN’s platform connects valuable Diabetes resources to the South Asian Community.

SKN’s commitment provides the Diabetes prevention program for South Asian people at risk for Diabetes, and improves access to culturally relevant care for those who are affected by Diabetes.


SKN Project Access for Diabetes Care

Advances culturally relevant population health training for physicians and health care personnel.

SKN mini-fellowship award for post-graduate internal medicine resident physicians promotes Diabetes and metabolic health research studies in the South Asian population.

SKN academic research advisory  actively pursues projects to explore the true burden of Diabetes and disparities of care of South Asians.

SKN leaders advocate to eliminate health related disparities affecting South Asian people.

SKN Foundation’s  strong community clinical linkage with Saint Peter’s Healthcare System promotes culturally appropriate Diabetes prevention and care for the South Asian population.


SKN Special Programs

SKN Patient Voices

A video anthology of patient experiences about their illness shared through various communication avenues.

Provides a forum to share stories and learn from the experiences of others to enhance Diabetes awareness and education.

Puts the patient experience and the patient voice at the center of Diabetes care and support.

Helps identify important issues relevant to improving disparities in Diabetes care and advocacy for the South Asian population.


SKN Diabetes Prevention Program for Children

Move It to Lose It (MITLI)  
An innovative childhood obesity prevention program to educate children about healthy nutrition and lifestyle.


SKN Special Resources for Children

Special Needs Community Outreach Program for Empowerment (SCOPE)

A medium for special needs children and families to come together for education, support and socialization.

Sanatan Vidyalay

A Sunday school program that incorporates the Universal Way of Life to nurture the whole child.


SKN Diabetes Prevention Program

Providing Education, Screening, Referral, Support

We know you care.

Be a member; Be a patient voice

Be a volunteer; Be a champion

Be a teacher; Be a leader

Be a friend; Be a donor


Diabetes Education and Resources For Adult Patients and Families

SKN Diabetes Prevention Project

For All

Awareness education

Risk assessment

For people who are at risk

As a member, screening for Diabetes and related risks, including hemoglobin A1c testing

Referral to educational resources and care as per risk status

For people who have preDiabetes

As a member*, opportunity to join “SKN Diabetes Prevention Program.”

Access to specialized resources and referral

For people who have Diabetes

As a member*, access to “SKN – The Secret for Success Diabetes Management” guide.

Access to culturally relevant Diabetes-specific  educational resources,  referral and support


*SKN Diabetes Prevention Program participation  requires registration as a member and a signed informed consent form. There is no fee.

Transcultural Education and Resources for Providers