Jeanie Beri, Director of the Rhythmic Arts Dance & Music Center, has taught over 1200 people in her lifetime. She has trained in Odissi, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop & various other styles of dance over her 30+yrs of training. Through her time in dance class and college she had many achievements like being the founder of the award winning college dance team Rutgers SAPA, performed on Broadway and with celebrities at the Bollywood Movie & Music Awards. Jeanie’s biggest achievement though is that of being a mom of 2 daughters, one of which is her angel Jiya who is a child with special needs. Jeanie, now is using what God has given her to benefit the community and give other children with special needs a chance to dance & perform on stage with their typical peers. Students at her studio are encouraged to work with these children and make them feel welcome and encouraged by all. Rhythmic Arts just completed 13 years & Jeanie is very passionate about teaching any person that walks through her studio doors no matter what their special need may be.