Karan Virmani is the Chief Financial Officer for Profreight Brokers Inc, in Edison NJ as well as fulfilling the 2 positions of Secretary and Treasurer on the company’s Board. Profreight Brokers Inc. is a Customs House Brokerage that has been in business for 30 years and works hand in hand with US Customs in order to complete all documentation for Imports and Exports between the United States of America and the rest of the world. Karan has served in a similar role for his previous employers and has been in the Accounting and Finance world for over 15 years. Having moved to USA from his native New Delhi, India back in October 2003, Karan has worked with various small to mid-sized companies in order to streamline and formulate procedures and policies that have resulted in each organization bettering their financial health and being more stable and profitable. 

 Resonating most with Karan is SKN’s devotion to help South Asian families face the 3 biggest health issues in the community, namely Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes.  Being a part of the SKN Foundation, which constantly aims to help patients and families of the South Asian Community by promoting health and wellness, is an opportunity that speaks very closely to Karan and his family and is one that he is very passionate about.