Born and brought up in Mumbai India, Urvashi Mody has been in the US since 1990. She is married and has a son who is currently a HS Senior. Urvashi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology and for over 22 years she has worked with Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical sector in a global role focusing on Oncology/ Diabetes related drugs. On a personal note, Urvashi’s parents have both had cancer diagnosis and she has lost a parent to the disease. Because of this, she actively supports organizations that help fight the disease and those that support families struggling through it. She feels it an absolute privilege to work for J &J, a company that support her passion for volunteering for such causes in her community.

That is also one of the reasons, she was happy to have her son help out at SKN foundations Sanatan Vidyalay over the last year. With her experience, Urvashi is looking forward to help SKN Foundation and the community it supports in utilizing the resources a corporation offers.