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Parul Khemka

Parul Khemka

Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Parul moved here to pursue her education. She received her early education in New Delhi, India, and earned a bachelor’s degree in statistics from the University of Delhi. She then went on to earn a master’s degree in biostatistics from Brown University.

As a parent to a neurodiverse child, Parul is personally impacted by DEI issues. She is a fierce advocate for improving DEI in all facets of society. As a member of the nonprofit organization Parents and Professionals of Exceptional Children (PPEC) in Livingston, her sincere and relentless activism resulted in a more representative and better-functioning Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC).

She is a certified Special Parents Advocacy Network (SPAN) resource parent, a nonprofit with funding from the NJ department of education. She also completed the training as a Special Education Volunteer Advocate (SEVA) to support families in NJ. Currently, Parul is enrolled with NJ Partners in Policymaking. It is a leadership development program to train the next generation of advocates for changes at the state level.

Learning about her daughter’s diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) was a life changing event for their family. She has spent the last decade educating herself about the rights of special education families, advocating for equity for children with disabilities and supporting the SpEd community at large.

Parul has joined our team to support our families with understanding their IEP, provide resources and support our parents. She has a passion to help the SCOPE family to make sure that we are able to be active participants in our children’s trajectory and future.