SKN Youth Leadership Program


The SKN 2020 Youth Leadership Program is an 8-week program for committed and motivated students in grades 9-11. The program will be entirely virtual, incorporating both synchronous and asynchronous learning.

2020 Spring Cohort:

Shriya Bharghava (TA, Fall Cohort)

Abhinav Kumar

Shreya Manchanda (TA, Fall Cohort)

Hemanth Nalluri

Alyssa Pradhan (TA, Fall Cohort)

Milind Singh

Fall 2020 Cohort (47% acceptance rate):

Jayashree Balaraman

Riya Dadheech

Sia Jumani

Ishana Khandakar

Shayna Mehta

Shaan Patel

Manasvi Rani

Highlights from students

“For me personally, the highlights of this program had to have been meeting others and the amazing weekly discussions we were able to have.” 

“Almost all my perspectives have changed after this course. I have learned how I can make an impact and the steps that will take me there. The idea of equity and equality, segregation, and overall community function, have brought new knowledge to my life.” 

“The highlights was the intense and super interactive debates. The concepts that we have flooded to and the sparks of friendship have really made my experience at YLP worthwhile!”