Anurag Rai

Anurag Rai

Anurag works as a Chief Commercial Officer at a health tech startup – SamaCare.

Anurag is a seasoned and accomplished professional, with expertise in executive decision-making, sales, inline product marketing, digital marketing, brand building and product launches. Anurag has experiences across many disease areas including cardiovascular, neuroscience, ophthalmology, dermatology, respiratory and medical imaging.

Anurag oversees sales and marketing at SamaCare. He is responsible for driving SamaCare’s platform revenues as well as designing and delivering innovative marketing strategies to support Samacare’s overall growth. For Anurag, Innovation is not a theory; it’s a culture. He believes in developing high-performing teams by coaching, mentoring, and driving people development. Anurag is a problem-solving thinker who brings vision and strategy to reality by relentless focus on execution. His philosophy is to keep moving forward and adjusting our course as we move along.

Prior to SamaCare, Anurag spent over 15 years at Novartis. Anurag led the Digital Health Solutions team developing patient engagement, telemedicine, and HCP education & office solutions.

Anurag is an engineer by trade, received a master’s in biomedical engineering from Boston University, and his MBA from Northeastern University.