Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of SKN Foundation is to promote total wellness of the person and community through education.

Our Vision

The vision of SKN Foundation is to reduce health disparities and improve health equity through education of our community.

About Us

Shri Krishna Nidhi (SKN) Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to promote total wellness of the person and community through education. In various populations, including the South Asian diaspora, there are radical health disparities in access to care, service utilization and quality, and outcomes. Alongside evidence of chronic disease burdens in heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cancer, there is also a poorer understanding of disease prevention in culturally isolated community groups. Lifestyle modification and aggressive compliance with medical treatment is the key to a healthier lifestyle, leading to the prevention of many chronic illnesses. This is accomplished through limiting risk factor development through education.

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Our Inspiration

The acronym SKN stands for Shri Krishna Nidhi, a name inspired by three individuals who are the guiding light behind our work. They inspire us daily to make a meaningful impact on the community that we serve.

Shri Krishna

Shri Krishna was a highly educated scholar and the first Gold Medal Awardee in the English language at Lucknow University in 1932 and an author of multiple books. He settled down in the small town of Barabanki to become the principal of a school where during a routine illness he was misdiagnosed by an alternative health care provider and with medication errors lost his life at the young age of 40 years.

Gopal Krishna

Gopal Krishna was diagnosed with diabetes in his early forties. With expertise in Mathematics and Statistics he worked for the United Nations as a demographer to lead the census projects in various countries including Liberia.  With adequate control but poor knowledge of the comprehensive management required for  his disease, the rapid progression of Cardiovascular complications from diabetes led to his untimely death.


Nidhi was a warm and compassionate mother, whose life’s purpose was her family and the education of her children. At 36 yrs, her family life was shattered when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor without any prior history or knowledge on identification of symptoms or adequate utilization of the health care system.  The diagnosis came as a whirlwind which took her life within 6 months of diagnosis.