SKN South Asian Diabetes Center at Saint Peter’s University Hospital

South Asians are the largest and fastest growing ethnic diaspora in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area. Given the genetics, lifestyle, and immigration-specific trends of South Asians, chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease have become epidemics in this community. According to the latest Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as many as 1 in 4 South Asians has diabetes. Half of those people do not know that they have it.

SKN South Asian Diabetes Center at Saint Peter’s University Hospital aims to provide a comprehensive care center that caters to the needs of all South Asians. The Center is a collaborative effort between the SKN Foundation, a local non-profit serving South Asians in the Central Jersey area, and Saint Peter’s University Hospital. This first-of-its-kind, one-stop resource center for all South Asians whose lives are affected by diabetes is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the heart of Middlesex County, and was established to serve the growing South Asian population of the NY-NJ metropolitan area. Along with free monthly early detection screenings and education events, the center also provides access to the Saint Peter’s University Healthcare System’s award-winning, multidisciplinary care for patients with any ability to pay. With SKN’s decade-long history of understanding and serving the South Asian population’s needs and Saint Peter’s Healthcare System’s track record of providing expert, valuable care to the most vulnerable, the SKN South Asian Diabetes Center has experience and expertise working with the South Asian community at every level.

Some of the services provided are listed below:

  • Access to culturally competent, expert care for patients with any ability to pay
  • Regular community education events
  • Regular early diabetes screening events, including Hemoglobin A1C testing
  • Community outreach to various faith-based and cultural organizations
  • Advocacy at the local and state levels
  • Research and literature curation of South Asian-specific health content
  • Healthcare navigation and guidance to appropriate care

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Know the Numbers

These are the normal reference ranges for South Asians:

If you are South Asian, check your BMI here:

A1C 4.8-5.6%
Blood pressure 90/60-120/80 mm Hg
BMI 19-22

Indian Diabetes Risk Score:

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